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Ädelbrook Transitional Academies


The Ädelbrook Transitional Academies are community-based vocational programs for students ages 18–21, who have completed their academic requirements for high school, but may remain in school until age 21. In addition to vocational training, the Academy will also provide functional academic, community participation and public service opportunities like the Bark-ery , where students will learn social skills, customer service skills, which prepares students for independent living.

Contact: Carol Burns
Website: visit website
Phone: 860-788-6843
Additional Information:

The Adelbrook Bark-ery, provides students with an opportunity to gain independence and learn new skills. The Bark-ery will allow students of all functioning levels to participate in an educational retail setting. The students will learn to bake dog biscuits, learn customer service skills, and build their social skills.



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